Comprehensive System Integration

A major objective for this project was to push system integration to a new level.  Look at the helm of PROGRESSION. You will see a clean glass helm and a single switch panel. There are no discrete standalone controls for windlass, thruster, or trim tabs. There are no tank level gauges or large banks of switches. There are no conspicuous head units for stereo, VHF, autopilot, etc. Instead, all these functions are cleanly integrated into the flush-mount glass helm and the multi-function switch panel.

Our vision was to make the experience of building and owning a boat, more like a car. Rather than having multiple controls for every system, we wanted to make things simple, and integrate all the systems into an easy to use interface.


Clean glass helm with simplified controls


The boat includes a fully integrated feedback system, so you can easily monitor bilge pumps, batteries, motor currents, positions, dive doors and all other components to insure safe operation.



With satellite connectivity and integration between the GOST security system and CZONE DC control system, you can rest easy knowing your boat is safe when you’re away. Up to 64 wireless marine security & monitoring sensors and 5 wireless relays allow remote control and monitoring of any AC or DC function on-board, along with the ability to track the vessel in real time.



Steering is controlled using the latest fly-by-wire technology, Optimus EPS from SeaStar Solutions, making cruising, docking and maneuvering a vastly improved experience. The entire system adjusts to speed and can be adjusted to your exact comfort level and sensitivity, even adjusting the tension on the steering wheel, providing almost car-like control. The ability to add a second helm station without adding the weight of hydraulic hoses and bend-radius constraints, and the effortless ability to integrate autopilot make this a must have system.