Lumitec’s Proprietary Power Line Instruction Technology

In 2009 the engineers at Lumitec had an idea – what if we could communicate with our lights over the existing power wires and greatly simplify lighting control?  And what if we could do this while dramatically enhancing the overall features and technologies of our lighting systems?  Today that idea is a reality with our Power Line Instruction technology.  Power Line Instruction, or PLI allows a DC control system such as BEP’s C-Zone system to send instructions to Lumitec Luminaires.  This greatly expands the capabilities of both the lights and the control system, while potentially reducing hardware and overall system costs.  Although PLI is still in the development stage, the technology has attracted much excitement among our OEM base, and Lumitec has already secured several OEM partners eager to implement the technology once it is fully qualified by our engineering team.


2 color Nevis2


3 Andros to highlight the Yamahas


3 Color Rail2s and Newts in the acrylic livewells


4 color Mirage and GAI2s for the hardtop


SeaBlazeX, total of 6


3 color Rail2


3 color Rail2


4 dual color Capri2s along each side


CZONE Control System for signal control